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I remember “swimming” in the tub at the age of four. I bucked around in that tub so much that the water would overlap the edge and splash all over the floor.

cast iron tub with claw feet
Cast Iron Tub

At that young age under the waters of our family tub, I felt freedom. Reflecting back, the tub was bigger than me, making it easy for me to stretch and roll around in. It was a cast iron tub; you know the ones with the claw feet.

I felt freedom.

Unconditional Self-love

Bathing as an act of self-love was my first example of becoming self-aware. Recognizing my thoughts, feelings, and need to feel this freedom helped me connect with a new love, water, that I could engage in any time I wanted. I started the practice of being attuned to who I am at such a young age and carried it with me into my future years.

Today, I used the shower (with my meditation) to wash away the self-criticism and harsh judgments that threaten to weigh me down daily. I’m aware that my self-imposed flaws and mistakes weigh heavy on my soul and distort my true self. I had to learn to be kind to myself and have self-compassion; to treat myself as my grandmother treated me. I must be open and brave to love myself first and submerge myself a little bit more every day.

I invite you to submerge yourself in love. Wrap yourself in it in ways you never imagined possible. This is an amazing opportunity to release toxic or unhealthy thoughts, ideas, relationships, and more; to acknowledge out loud that you deserve kindness, compassion, and unconditional love.

You may need support and tools to become self-aware. Meditation, journaling, or inviting a coach or therapist into your life are excellent steps to take. Make the decision to get healed and whole as you become more attuned to you. I promise you won’t regret it!

Try this journal prompt: How can I practice self-compassion to be submerged in love?

Use this aatheart affirmation daily: “I invest time in my self-care needs.”

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