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About  the  Coach

Meet Coach Hunt, also known as Angelina Hunt, MS - a passionate transformational life coach who is dedicated to empowering women in building a stronger connection with self-love. She believes in uncovering her client's true potential and guiding them toward a purposeful, joyful, and connected life.

Coach Hunt's coaching sessions are personalized for each individual, as she focuses on identifying and addressing the unique obstacles and issues that may be hindering her clients from feeling fulfilled. Her approach combines introspection, self-awareness, and practical tools, empowering her clients to recognize and embrace their strengths and overcome their limiting beliefs and insecurities.


With a deep commitment to her clients and an unwavering passion for growth, Coach Hunt creates a safe and supportive space for them to explore and develop their ideal definition and design of self-love. Join Coach Hunt's journey and discover a life full of purpose, joy, and self-love.

Life Coaching

As a Transformational Life Coach, you will learn how to use the tool of mindfulness to successfully understand how to shift beliefs and connect deeper to yourself. What this means is that you will identify teachings that no longer serve your higher self toward success. YOu will be able to unlearn and replace limiting ideas.  My personalized coaching will help you move forward and set in motion the life you really desire. You will have a clear understanding of what changes are required and how to take action to pursue to obtain your dreams. Requesting your complimentary video consultation is as easy as clicking here.

Love Coaching

As a Love Coach, you will learn how to connect your heart and mind to be in one accord. The harmony of the mind will bring clarity to you and the reasons you may feel that you are not enough or unworthy. You will develop tools and remove negative beliefs while replacing them with the truth of who you are. You will understand that self-love has the power to attract all new love relationships that will enhance your life experience. Requesting your complimentary video consultation is as easy as clicking here.

Intuitive Coaching

As an Intuitive Coach, I would be able to guide you in navigating one situation that is perplexing you from moving forward. This intuitive message is spirit guided and it will support your understanding and provide a clear picture of what may be going on around you. This type of coaching is by referral only. If you are interested in knowing more email me at or request your complimentary video consultation by clicking here.

Shop the Author

 Living Life Through Poetry is a collection of poems written over 20 years, by Coach Hunt. This book of poetry will take you on an emotional journey of healing and self-discovery. Each poem is an honest and powerful exploration of how Coach Hunt experiences love, exposing its joys and sorrows. With its beautiful and thought-provoking words, this book will empower you to find peace, healing, and understanding of the complexities of love.

Get ready to be moved and inspired.

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