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About  the  Coach

“I just LOVE love. It has been my life theme for as long as I can remember. My profession and life have been centered on the ability to aid others in their life journey. As an advisor and coach, it is my joy to lift the veils off limitations and bring in new thoughts of possibilities. My faith in love makes me believe that life can come to all of us with ease, joy, and unconditional love...”

As an introvert, I have not always felt the inner strength to step out of my personal bubble of connecting with large social groups. In 2020, life shifted for many of us. My heart led me to take action and become the co-founder of Safe to Speak, a social place where Coach Tonnie and myself combined her extroverted self with my introverted self to connect with women to be authentic to themselves first. We inspire and inform our community of followers to speak up and show out. 
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Life Coach

As a Life Coach, you will learn how to use the tool of mindfulness to successfully Live In Faith Everyday. What this means is that you will identify personal goals that will assist you in enhancing your feeling towards achievement, value, and self-worth. Coaching will help you move forward and set in motion the life you really desire. You will have a clear understanding of what changes are required and how to take action on pursing the life of your dreams. Requesting your complimentary video consultation is as easy as clicking here.

Love Coach

As a Love Coach, you will learn how to connect your heart and mind to be in one accord. The harmony of the mind will bring clarity to you and the reasons you may feel that you are not enough or unworthy. You will develop tools and remove negative beliefs while replacing them with the truth of who you are. You will understand that self-love has the power to attract all new love relationships that will enhance your life experience. Requesting your complimentary video consultation is as easy as clicking here.

Parent Coach

As a Parent Coach, you will learn to use practical tools to build the relationship you desire with your child. You will gain confidence in how to communicate and learn how to support your child’s emotional and social-emotional growth and value. Your parenting techniques will be enhanced and you will be able to identify what helps and what hinders your parenting. You will have a clear understanding that having a positive growth and a changeable mindset within your parent-child relationship will produce a harmonious and happy home. Requesting your complimentary video consultation is as easy as clicking here.

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Living Life Through Poetry is a collection of poems written over 20 years, which created a safe place to release the overwhelming and powerful feeling of life.