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You don’t even know the changes I have seen. No longer shall I hide and be confined, for within me lies infinite strength.

Purple and orange dawn sky
Dawn Light

Even the mightiest mountains crumble, teaching me that I too can break free from the hardened stone that has concealed my true self. With each delicate strike of the chisel, I shed the burdens I no longer want to carry. Though it may feel challenging, it is a necessary one for me, the unveiling of the beauty that lies within that I had an issue seeing.

Let our radiance illuminate the world, inspiring others to embrace their journey of self-discovery and liberation.

In recent weeks, I have yearned to be seen, just as the goddess "Dawn" by Bertoldo di Giovanni embodies the freedom that should be. Neither of us was created with flaws; we possess confidence in our inherent beauty.

I can feel the surge of light emerging, dispelling the shades of gray, and reshaping the sun's rays to nurture souls. There is a newfound hunger that arises within, wanting to lead the day with gratitude, moving with soft grace befitting a goddess. I trust my wisdom and love to intertwine, without fear to move beyond my known path.

There are so many surprises that are unveiled while recognizing my transformation. I will embrace change. I will unlock new abilities, seeking guidance from my higher self. I will inquire, where I can transcend what my eyes cannot see.

My heart intends to direct the light of possibility and inspire both the young and the old, embracing the cycle of life and death, light and darkness. Both hold their unique beauty and purpose for self-evolution.

Calling My Sisters

At the edge of the morning dawn, a new beginning will arise

Be awakened by the light as the sun reveals her flight

My sisters this world hears your hearts and knows your might

Continue to unveil that dream reaching from your soul

Planting them in spaces, no one thought there was soil

My sisters, you bring future promises that cultivate faith

Embracing sisterhood, lifting one another

Sharing power and light, we take flight as the sun

My sisters, you carry the magic within your womb

Let our voices be nurturing and feed every room

They didn’t know - Coach Hunt

This is my invitation for each of us to awaken to our highest potential, forging ahead with strength, love, and unity. Let our radiance illuminate the world, inspiring others to embrace their journey of self-discovery and liberation. I am confident that you agree that we can be the embodiment of Dawn, destined to rise and shine and uphold the light of the world.

You may need support and tools to become take on this invitation, just know you are not alone. Being able to adapt and begin a meditation practice or journaling, can strengthen you to keep chiseling away to reveal your unique beauty.

Try this journal prompt: What stone is covering the light I want to be seen in the world? Use this aatheart affirmation daily: “I explore the unknown.”

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