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There has been a great deal of self-reflection this month regarding an Instagram post I read that shared this statement: Who can you be your softest self with? My first reaction was “nobody” as I observed a sadness wave throughout my body. I paused as my inner voice spoke “That's sad”.

Later that day, I wrote a post on Instagram for myself to reflect more deeply. I asked, what does my "softest self" feel like? A list of hurtful words rolled wildly through my mind beating my brain like heavy storm waves on a rocky shoreline. Not surprisingly yet alarmingly, the main message was - being weak.

Quicky, I have learned to start asking myself questions to support my subconscious to reveal hidden patterns of thinking.

  • Who told me that being soft was wrong?

  • Was bad?

  • Was too vulnerable?

  • Was weak?

Being my "softest self" is being gentle, compassionate, and kind to myself and to others. It means being in my feminine energy where I am embracing vulnerability, sensitivity, and empathy rather than presenting a hard unshaped, and guarded exterior.

To be my "softest self" is a multifaceted concept that emerges an environment of emotional safety and support, for myself first and then for the people I desire to have deep and private interactions with.

Am I open to change?

Well, I am open to affirming the change. Are you?

Below are a few affirmations to get us started.

  • I am open to exposing and expressing emotions, beyond what lies on the surface.

  • I showcase my softest self when I am safe.

  • I lean into my feminine energy and its way of manifesting into the world.

  • I am empowered by my compassion and kindness, and I share these qualities openly with the world.

  • I embrace my vulnerability as it is authentic.

  • I embrace my softest self and it connects with the softness in others.

  • I am embracing softness in its simplest forms.

Through deeper self-reflection, I have undergone a new epiphany. This aha realization has led me to a greater understanding of self-love. I am now embodying a deeper understanding of who I am becoming, with purposeful action to expand my thinking and revolt away from fear to freedom. Being soft doesn't mean being weak; it's an energetic foundation of strength in flexibility. It requires being authentic to my feelings, and understanding who I am becoming rather than being fearful and defensive of the harshness of the world. I will no longer reflect the hardcore world, yet reflect softness, openness, and receptiveness.

Can you embrace vulnerability and self-love on your journey of self-discovery and self-love? Join me on this path of gentle authenticity. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery where we embrace vulnerability and self-love with confidence.

Grab a journal and list the feelings of your "softest self". Are these feelings keeping you hidden? Do you feel safe sharing your gentle authenticity?

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