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Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Have you experienced the past coming forward through a social media memory? Recently, one threw me for a loop, awakening forgotten memories and emotions from over a decade ago. With the smile, I was forced to embrace the selfie camera. Thinking that “I kind of look the same from over a decade ago”. Yet, I am not her I stared at the social media selfie and a few memories flooded my mind. I loosely remembered the dreams and ambitions I held back then. The person captured in that image must have had such grand aspirations, at least that is what I thought. Her actions must have been filled with hope and enthusiasm for the future.

A person standing in the distance reflecting on self
Reflection of the human journey

I was taken aback by the lack of connection to the past and I now realized how much I have evolved since then, and how my dreams have shifted and transformed. Now, I can see the growth in my journey, the lessons learned, and the wisdom gained. There is this quote that comes to mind that speaks of change as a dance and you ought to move with it, yet somehow, we forget the dance steps of the past and start to make new steps and make moves to go the distance.

Sitting with my image, I examined that past version of myself, I felt a sense of detachment. It was a time when I left everything behind, such as my job, home, and friends. My family was myself, and my children, as I felt like a newly orphaned baby with the transition of my parents from waking life to the afterlife along with my only sibling.

But as I held that image in the present moment, a profound sense of pride and gratitude encapsulated me. I realized the strength and resilience I have developed over these many years. The obstacles and hardships I have faced, the battles I lost and won, developed the resilience I've built within myself—all have contributed to the person I am today. The photograph became a symbolic reminder of triumph, illuminating how personal growth and inner work can reshape and redefine our lives.

Who will I become? I will continue to place more emphasis on personal growth, meaningful connections, and making a positive impact in the world. It was a powerful reminder of the transformative journey I have undertaken, seeing what I have unlearned and gathering greater self-alignment with my true self.

I am thankful for the memories that will come as this photograph served as a powerful reminder of the transformative journey I have embarked upon. I will always have something to unlearn. I will always have something undergone, that will support the alignment I have found in releasing my true self little by little each day.

You may need support and tools to become self-aware. Meditation, journaling, or inviting a coach or therapist into your life are excellent steps to take. Make the decision to the becoming of who you desire to be. I promise you won’t regret it!

Try this journal prompt: What are some key lessons or realizations that you have gained throughout your personal growth journey?

Use this aatheart affirmation daily: “I understand that every story ends.”

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