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"LOVE in Action: Embracing the Authentic You" is a transformative self-discovery worksheet designed to guide you on a profound journey of introspection and self-awareness. In this heartfelt exploration, you are invited to unlock the chambers of your heart and embark on a sacred dialogue with your truest self.


The worksheet begins with an invitation to imagine the gift of introspection, a sacred space where you can delve into the depths of your heart. It's not just about self-knowledge; it's a heart-opening revelation of your authentic self. The questions posed in the worksheet serve as companions on a heart-fulfilling journey, encouraging you to reflect on the size and intricacies of your heart space, the desires you wish to experience in the next 90 days, and the profound connections between your heart and mind.


The second part of the worksheet, asks you to consider what stands out from your answers, any surprises, and how the exercise made you feel. It encourages you to reflect on the lessons learned through internal listening in this introspective process.


The third part, "Reflections," acknowledges the importance of internal listening and observing the emotions that arise during the exercise. It guides you to name and verbalize these emotions in a safe space, allowing your story to evolve without judgment or fear. The emphasis is on the concept of LOVE showing up to bring you into your desired authentic self.


"LOVE in Action: Embracing the Authentic You" is more than a worksheet, it is your compass pointing you towards your authentic self, guiding you to embrace and embody the love that resides within, fostering personal growth, and celebrating the unique essence that is you.


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LOVE in action: Embracing the Authentic You

  • All digital transactions are non-refundable.

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